About the Club 

The Club was launched in the early 1990’s by a group of men who wanted to enlarge their circle of friends within the community and develop new interests.  They included Chet Baccari, John Pollitt and Emil Harp, with Emil chosen as the first Club president in 1992.  John Pollitt served as the second president, and was followed by Dave Basket, Lyle LaPlante, Jack Eidt, Neil Wagner, Joe Cowell, Bob Mosley, Tony DiPentima, Warren Neuberger, Rob Grenier, Stan Kishner, John Krieger and Manny Silva.  

Most meetings feature a guest speaker.  The topics vary widely, including health, science, history, arts and current events.  Talks have been given by  authors, professors, local politicians, judges, and police and fire chiefs.  Talks are also given by our Club members who share their passions for their hobbies, interests and experiences.

In addition to regular meetings, Club members engage in a variety of activities, including bridge, golf, hiking, pool, bicycling, bowling, skiing, tennis and book and investment clubs.  The Club also sponsors group trips (often with significant others), including visits to local theatrical performances, a summer picnic and a winter holiday party for members, and an annual Valentine’s Day luncheon with significant others.